Wild Connections


Locations: Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre, Maple Ridge; Gavin Lake Forest Education Centre, Williams Lake
Runs from: August - June (Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre); July (Gavin Lake Forest Education Centre)
Program Duration: 1, 2, or 3 night stays at Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre; or 5 night stays at Gavin Lake Forest Education Centre. Custom durations available.
Costs: Rates starting from $127*

* Costs shown are per person and include mid-week accommodations, meals, half-day guided instruction, and materials.


Our Wild Connections program has been developed to deepen understanding and appreciation of the natural world. These modules have been created to enhance communication and meaningful connections between people and place. Participants can gain new tangible skills while immersed in British Columbia’s iconic forests, that range from ecological literacy to wilderness survival tactics and many more.  

Module Examples:

We offer groups a choice of 5 different modules within the Wild Connections program. They range from identifying local flora and fauna, to wilderness survival skills, to English communication enhancement (ESL) workshops. To view our current modules, drop us a note and we'll reply with the full range of curriculum.

Here are 3 examples (of the 5) to choose from:

Guided Nature Hikes – Take a walk with us through some of the world’s most diverse forested ecosystems of British Columbia. Learn about the historical development of BC’s economic backbone, forestry, through our guided interpretive hikes. Understand the important role plants have in a forest, as well as the factors influencing their development. Find your place in the interconnected web of nature and observe the role humans have played over time.  

Wilderness Survival - The best-laid plans of hikers and campers often go awry. In this module, participants learn the necessary precautions that are needed when entering the wilderness. Step out into the unknown and learn how our ancestors lived off the land. Participants will also learn basic survival skills, such as how to start a fire, how to collect fresh water, and how to build a shelter.

Local Plant Identification – Gain a deeper understanding of local plant communities through our plant identification workshops. In this module, participants can observe the incredible biodiversity that exists in a forest ecosystem and learn the ecological and traditional human uses of local plant species.

Learning Outcomes:

1.       Strengthen connections between person and place in a natural forest setting.

2.       Understand the historical shift of human relationships with the natural world.

3.       Identify and observe some of BC’s common flora and fauna.

4.       Develop tangible skills in wilderness survival and outdoor adventure.

5.       Learn the importance of sustainable forestry and other natural resources management.

6.       Enhance English literacy and interpersonal conversation skills in an immersive setting.


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