A sampling of POST-SURVEY responses from 2018 Youth & Student participants

(Youth names withheld to respect privacy)

  • An amazing, educational experience that taught me more than what any textbook could ever teach.
  • The Wild & Immersive team were amazing. They did a great job teaching us the content and they were fun and comfortable to talk to. They made all the experiences engaging and didn’t hesitate to help you if you had questions.
  • The activities were educational, yet fun, which is a difficult thing to do, but you guys managed to pull it off.
  • The time I had at camp was truly amazing! It was great that we had a variety of games and education. The Wild & Immersive team was very informational and interactive at the same time. I wish that we could go back again!
  • The Wild & Immersive team were amazing and provided us a lot of knowledge that could be useful to us in the future. I was dreading boring classes during time where we should have been “having fun at camp”, but that was not the case at all.
  • The teaching that you guys did for us was really interesting and interactive. I didn't know most of the stuff that was taught, so I did learn a bunch of stuff from the different activities, especially the Scavenger Hunt. I like how there was facts about nature at each station which was pretty cool.
  • The program was an incredibly educational, enjoyable and effective experience in terms of achieving its purpose; the teachers were supportive, the guides were passionate and knowledgeable, the activities were creative and riveting and the experience was unforgettable. I would definitely go back again to learn new things and have more fun, if I had the chance.
  • The activities were fun and educational and I felt very fortunate to learn from people who were so passionate about their topics.
  • I really enjoyed my camp experience; it was cool to learn about science and formations and plants in such a hands-on way, out in the wilderness. There were fun activities and chances to learn things from people who were eager to explain what they did; it was altogether a great time, with great chaperones.
  • Wild & Immersive was an incredible experience, during which I learned so much about natural environments and processes, challenged myself, and had a ton of fun! All of the activities taught me a plethora of very important facts and techniques I had never experienced before, while being engaging, extremely organized, and very enjoyable. Tucked away within the towering mountains and crystal clear waters of Loon Lake, this is a camp I will never forget.
  • The Wild & Immersive Program is extremely good and helped me learn alot about the environments we live in and have in BC. On top of that, it was great to have people with actual degrees in outdoor sciences explaining all aspects of the outdoor environments to us.
  • It was really, really fun! I learned a lot of new things. The leaders were nice and really smart. Maybe one day I’ll find myself in their shoes!