Wild Growth


Location: Loon Lake Lodge & Retreat Centre, Maple Ridge
Runs from: August - June
Program Duration: Overnight retreats
Costs*: Rates starting from $127. Please contact Loon Lake for rates and availability.

* Cost shown are per person and include accommodations, meals, instructor-led program, and materials.


Only outside the comfort zone can there be growth. Our Wild Growth program has been developed to cultivate and strengthen leadership, communication, mindfulness, and physical literacy skills in a natural setting. These modules have been created to promote personal development and team connections in a fun and relaxed environment. While immersed in the beautiful forests of British Columbia, participants can gain greater understanding of themselves, their teammates, and the natural world.

Module Examples:

We offer groups a choice of 8 different modules within the Wild Growth program. They range from competitive survival challenges, to physical literacy workshops, to interpersonal communication development. To view our current modules, drop us a note and we'll reply with the full range of curriculum.

Here are 3 examples (of the 8) to choose from:

Timber Cruiser Circuit – Discover a space to move and breath in the forest while developing interpersonal skills. The Timber Cruiser Circuit is a series of structures located in the scenic coastal temperate rainforests of the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. The Timber Cruiser Circuit provides participants with a unique setting in which participants can grow and strengthen their group bond; while gaining a greater sense of physical literacy.

Survival Competition – Find out who is a wilderness survivor! With a positive and competitive twist, participants will learn basic survival skills and work to build effective shelters, start fires, and collect fresh water.

Wildfire Escape Room – Only you can prevent the wildfire! Decipher the clues to stop the fire from spreading and save the forest in a one of a kind escape room experience. Determine the fire cause and gain a better understanding of forest fires regimes in British Columbia. What’s more fun than working together to solve riddles and puzzles before time runs out.

Program Objectives:

1)      Strengthen connections between person and place in a natural forest setting.

2)      Develop greater awareness, both of oneself and others.

3)      Strengthen relationships between participants as they work together to overcome challenges.

4)      Enhance listening and communication skills in an immersive setting.

5)      Experience outdoor adventure and wilderness survival.

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