Wild & Immersive is committed to personal growth, self-development, and incorporating nature into our daily lives. Whether you’re interested in local plant identification, family survival challenges, or art, Wild & Immersive has a workshop for you!

Be sure to visit our Calendar of Events for a complete list of upcoming events and workshops.

Upcoming EVENTS & Workshops:

January 13th, 1pm |
Wayfinding in the Woods (Family Friendly)
January 29th, 7pm |
Forest Flow Yoga

February 10th, 10am |
Ecological Walk through the Woods (Family Friendly) -SOLD OUT
February 10th, 1pm |
Ecological Walk through the Woods (Family Friendly)
February 12th, 7pm |
Forest Flow Yoga
February 24th, 1pm |
Surviving the Wild (Family Friendly)