Outdoor Learning | Our Wild Youth Programs

Take the classroom outside and participate in nature learning activities with Wild & Immersive’s youth programs. We offer affordable and customizable outdoor education programs for schools and youth groups in British Columbia.

Whether your group participates in a half-day, full-day, or overnight program, we create fun, interactive environments that strengthen connections to the outdoors. All programs are UBC staffed, and incorporate our innovative ‘PEACE’ curriculum process (see below) with deliverables rooted around a circular learning process

Choose from our pre-set modules, or contact us to customize your own program.

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Closing loops.
Circular thinking. 

This ideology drives many of today's environmental, economic and social movements, and is all about responsible continuity. This same ethos drives Wild & Immersive's programming, beginning from how we design our learning experiences, to how they are delivered in-situ. 

We've have dubbed this learning process PEACE, and it starts and ends with fun.

P stands for Play. Having fun in nature increased our overall health and wellbeing, as well as our confidence. When you are playing, you're having fun, when you're confident you are ready to grow and are open to learning new things.

E stands for Education. Environmental education is about teaching participants how nature works, and the interconnectedness of every ecosystem, including our own. When one starts to learn about the world around them, they begin to empathize and see their personal role in the loop.

A stands for Appreciation. Acknowledging complexity and nature's unknowns is a byproduct of education. There is still so much to learn about nature, and although the full story has yet to be told, we know enough that we must protect it, and find value far beyond monetization.

C stands for Curiosity. When we're having fun, expanding our confidence, learning, and empathizing, our curiosity is growing in lockstep. Curiosity is the basis for critical thinking - for asking who, what, where, why and how. This becomes fertile ground for creating a new world of discovery and exploration.

E stands for Explore. At this stage we're having fun, growing, connecting, and have become eager to learn more. We use our 5 senses to deliver texture and context - to explore. To seek out the unknown, to hypothesize in real time. To engage, and it's here that fun starts all over again.